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Sign up for a trial!

The trial will allow you to get to know us, and our coaches to assess your level of fitness.

All trials are done on a 1-on-1 basis.

Get in touch with us

Head over to our contact page.

Highlight your interest and fill up your details.

We will contact you to schedule your trial session.


Your introductory trial will cost $15.

Payment will be made at the start of the trial.


We accept both Cash and Paynow.

During the trial

Our Coaches will start you off with a series of mobility and warm up drills.

Following which, and depending on your interest, we will put you through either:

- The Fundamentals of Olympic Weighlifting


- The Fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning

after the trial

Our Coaches will feedback on your perfomance.

This can be from, a Mobility, Strength, and even Athletic perspective. 

All of which informs us on how we should structure your training.

If all goes well, formal training can begin as soon as you are ready to commit.

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